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Self employed musician / husband / and father of two sons. (2yr&4month old) Need help managing what I have. I am the sole provider. Thank you.

Lio S

I would like to consult wiith a CPA to find out how to handle my taxes as a self employed worker.

Stephaine G

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CPA - CPA Questions
1.20 Is there an accountant out there willing to help me out via email or chat?

Q. I have an accounting issue and I could really use some help. If there is an accountant out there that is familiar with U.S./ New York income laws, that could email me or I could chat with on messenger I'd greatly appreciate it. It's probably a ten minute conversation via chat, or I could email you, and your response may take 5 or ten minutes of your time. Thank you in advance.

A. I'm a CPA in MA, and can try to help you.

1.20 What is the different between being accountant and real estate agent?

Q. I have some important question too. 1.i'm studying accounting for the first semester.should i continue to take 2y degree or change to 4y degree? 2.If i finish 2y degree ,will i become an accountant?i mean can i find a job? 3. Is 2y college cost less money than go to 4y college? 4.Is working while studying good or to get qaulity,just concentrate in studying. Your answer is really help me alot.i've just moved to ca,usa 2y ago.and i 've been wasting my time and money because i don't know their standard of studies in here.and especially i learn hard to understand English.now i 'm studying accounting in a community college.it's my 2nd semester.I really try to overcome this.any suggestion really helps.thank alot.

A. Lets just put it this way - every accountant can be a real estate agent if they wanted to be (and/or had the aptitude for the job) after they finished their four-year bachelor's degree and get a Real Estate license. However after a student graduated from a program in Real Estate and received a Real Estate license, they cannot become a certifide public accountant (CPA). I hope that helps you with your decision. Good Luck!!!

1.20 What can you do if you are a qualified accountant appart from accounting?

Q. I know that if you are a qualified accountant you can do all sorts of business jobs including of course being an accountant. I also heard that the FBI takes on accountants. Are there any other jobs that accountants can do that you wouldn't naturally think of?

A. CPA accountants are qualified to be as IRS Agent, Income Tax Preparer, CFO, Financial Analyst

1.20 What expense category do accountants use on Schedule C when expensing items that should be depreciated?

Q. Many accountants routinely expense things that should technically be depreciated, but because the amount is low - I've heard anything under $100, expense, under $1000 expense. Because the depreciation category is no longer being used for these furniture, computer, and other items, what Sked C category is or should be used? Supplies? Office expense? Miscellaneous (then you'd need to break it out and admit it really should have been depreciated). ??? PS - My understanding is the accountants in question are NOT using Section 179 - because that still requires the completion of depreciation schedules - they are just expensing it in regular expense categories to save time. My question, to clarify, is whay expenses categories are they using OTHER THAN depreciation?

A. Section 179 allows you to fully depreciation a lower priced item in the year of its purchase. What is considered immaterial depends on the business. Reems of paper are immaterial for a CPA firm, but are part of the final product for a newspaper producer. NEW INFO: What expense categories that are putting them in all depends on the items you purchased. Here is a link to Schedule C: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f1040sc.pdf Part II shows the main categories that regular expenses go under. If your CPA is putting higher priced, more important purchases directly in this section to save time, I think it's time to find a new CPA

1.20 Can I offer accounting services to the public in WA State without a License?

Q. I would like to start an LLC in WA State that would assist small business owners with State and Federal applications, tax forms, tax returns, payroll and general bookeeping. I am not licensed as a CPA but have general knowledge in the field and am actively pursuing the requirements for the exam. Can I offer these services without a professional license?

A. The state of WA has a handy business licensing guide -- you enter some key information & the appropriate information pops right up. Here's the link: http://www.dol.wa.gov/mls/wali.htm Hope that helps! I wish you much success & happiness in all your ventures!

1.20 I am interested in offering on line accounting service. can any of our member guide me to get a breakthrough ?

Q. I am an Indian based Chartered Accountant willing to offer online accounting & tax return preparation services. Having good infrastructure to carryout the assignments.Looking for business contacts from CPA's and others.

A. First, you'll need an excellent website to do the same. Look for some vendors who can help you out in getting you a site up. Lot of factors need to be considered and be precise on providing the requirements. Like whether you'll be hosting it on your own servers or will be doing it on a rented server, How many concurrent users do you expect initially and what will be the peak load and things like that. Vendor will be able to provide you specific directions. Second is marketing. Try placing banner ad's in leading websites like rediff, yahoo india, sify, etc. This will get you customers. Might take a long time to get the business, but of course as Indian it department itself moving to on-line now and people able to do it without Accountant help, so have specific target and also clear on why people have to choose you.

1.20 What do you pay/charge for tax/accounting services?

Q. I am working on my own business and I am not soliciting for new business here, rather, I want to know what you currently pay (or charge if you provide these services) for the following services so that I can align my fees accordingly. Personal Tax Preparation Business Tax Preparation Bookkeeping Services Accounting/Tax Consulting Please give me just an average, I don't need specific amounts. And again, no specifics are needed, but where do you go for these services? CPA, private accountant/bookkeeper, chain-type tax service? Thank you so much for any info you can provide - it will help a great deal! :)

A. Depends on a lot of things - geographic area, how well you keep your records, which will determine how much time is needed - with a CPA you're going to pay $150-200 an hr , a local self employed NON-CPA, bookkeeper might only charge you $40 an hour, but might not be able to answer all your questions look in the phone book and call a few places of all types - it only counts what those professionals in YOUR AREA charge

1.20 How can I get CPA to give me basis of an investment?

Q. I have a limited liability (real estate based) investment that I inherited in '97. I sold it last year and need to get the basis of this investment. The CPA who has been handling the tax returns for this partnership told me that she may not have records that go back that far. The general partner told me to ask the CPA, the CPA referred me back to the general partner. How can I get my basis for this investment? Is the CPA under any legal obligation to provide me with this info once I request it? If so, does the CPA have a time restriction or can she keep me in limbo forever as long as she says she'll look into it?

A. Okay the cost basis would simply be the market value of the asset at the time you inherited it. You can actually guestimate. It is not that big of a deal. **I would say get them on a conference call and tell them you want it resolved.**

Hamilton CPA

 CPA Financial issues are delicate, and must be dealt with only by a certified public accountant who is a specialist in the field. When it comes to tax planning, a certified public accountant is the best person for the job. Unlike any ordinary accounting professional, your CPA is your business consultant, your legal advisor and also your tax services provider. You can be certain that unlike a regular accounting professional, he knows the latest changes in tax filing. This is why he can help you benefit from the tax deductions and exemptions that you're eligible for. Tax regulations may change, but you can bank on your CPA to stay updated on the latest changes. Your CPA comes with five years of education, followed by testing before he receives his certification.

 Certified Public Accountants in Hamilton, Ontario While you pay your taxes regularly and sincerely, then it is also necessary that you enjoy the benefits of the tax deductions and tax exemptions. There are many of them that are prescribed based on various criteria. Some of them are for a donation that you might have made, on mortgages or medical expenditures that you incurred. These laws keep changing, and it is your CPA who will be updated with the new regulations. People who have just divorced or those who have separated recently must also consult with a CPA.

The first and foremost thing that you must do is ask yourself what you require from a CPA. A CPA may offer a lot of services, but what matters the most are your needs. Discuss services with at least 4 CPA's. Verify them for licenses and certification. Once you do that, you can choose the one who offers a mix of high quality and professional services as well as reasonable pricing. Ask for referrals of people the CPA has served in the past. Verify with them about how good the CPA’s services are. Better still, call these referrals and confirm their experience with the CPA.

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