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Recent Customer Requests for CPA

I am looking for a CPA with expertise in business taxes and real estate investment taxes for an individual. This year I am also transitioning from individual to LLC and I am not sure how to do that.

Beverly T

Hi I am seeking a CPA that specializes in real estate.

Matt M

Self employed musician / husband / and father of two sons. (2yr&4month old) Need help managing what I have. I am the sole provider. Thank you.

Lio S

we need to locate a new accountant. we recently moved from south lake tahoe, ca we do not have any employees. this is for personal tax preparation

Lola C

Will need assistance on 2011 personal tax return. Someone that knows oil and gas indirect drilling costs tax requirements. Thank you.

Mike H

We have a bat in the house. We tried to lock it in a room but can't find it anymore. I'm pregnant and worried that my partner and I will get rabbies... Please advise. Helene

Helene L

I have a salaried income and my wife and I just closed on a NNN property in MO. Looking for immediate tax advise and prep for close of 2009 and 2010.

Joseph W

I need help navigating the possible tax burden from a possible short sell or foreclosure.

A. M.

I am considering a start up business and need assistance with creating the financial projections in the business plan.

Brian H

Hello, we are a married couple with no children who are looking for 2010 tax service and advice for our future. I'm hoping we aren't too late to be able to get in and get help.

Ryan C

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CPA Hamilton, Ontario

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